Ethiopian Cultural Center in Belgium

About ECC

ECC in Belgium.


ECC is a Non-Profit Association

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Founded in Brussels (Belgium) on 30/07/2020.

At this time


Ethiopian people
live here in Belgium
without a close connection
with each other

That is why we thought that the time was right to establish
Ethiopian Cultural Center in Belgium.

Our Mission:

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Let's have a look at our plans for the future:.

Our Goals

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This list is by no means exhaustive and can be further adjusted at any time.

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Ethiopian Culture and Arts Platform

Creating a forum for artists to present their work.

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Explorationtrips to Ethiopia and Belgium

Development and organizing in a broad sense.

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Communication and Exchange of Ideas

For Ethiopians or interested parties in Ethiopian Culture.

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Help for Ethiopians in Belgium

Solving local problems of any kind that arrise .

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Laws and Regulations in Belgium

The best possible communication to our community.

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Education and other Development

Promotion of the development of Ethiopians in Belgium.

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Preventing harmful cultural Practices

Collaboration with charities in Ethiopia and Belgium.

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Ethiopian Language Schools

Informing students about their identity, history and culture.

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Fundraising to prevent commun Problems

Building up a financial reserve fund.

Ethiopian Cultural Center in Belgium

Useful Links and Partners

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  • ECC Partners
    Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels
  • ECC Partners
    Belgian Embassy in Addis Ababa
  • ECC Partners
    Ministry of Finance Belgium
  • ECC Partners
    Ethiopian Airways
  • ECC Partners
    High and Far Ethiopia Tour and Travel
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